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"Scott and his team helped us find a mortgage over the winter for a cottage in Muskoka with great success despite the numerous challenges we faced. It was our first home purchase so we were admittedly new and naive to the process and had no idea how hard it would end up being to find a mortgage with fair rates for a 3 season property. Lender after lender wouldn't touch it but patience and persistence paid off and we are now proud cottage owners thanks to the hard work at Alpha House. Scott and Joyce displayed an abundance of patience and knowledge through the process as stress levels for us were at an all-time high and time was not on our side. Communication was top notch and I would highly recommend their services to all those who are seeking a mortgage broker."
B. & K.

"Thank you for your excellent advise over these past few years Scott. You've saved us a lot of money. I continue to recommend you to friends who are looking to buy a house."
M. P.

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work, effort, expertise and time Merv!!! I know this wasn't at all an easy case for you, but we are so appreciative of everything you did for us. Three months ago, owning a house - especially in a city as expensive as Toronto - was definitely not soemthing we imagined happening for us any time in the near future. I am glad we had you and your magic wand to make this happen for us!:) It was a real pleasure working with you. Your knowledge, guidance and candour have been extremely appreciated."

"Thank you for your recent service and positive client experience Sharon. I have had negative experiences in the past dealing with other brokers/mortgage specialists so was hesitant to deal with another broker for my needs. However you quickly turned this around and I really appreciate the time/sensitivity you had when dealing with my matter. I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future"

"I have been using Merv's services for about 7 years now. I have bought 3 houses and did one re-finance with his support and guidance. Merv is very open, direct and a no-BS type of guy. He will not just get you a mortgage approved to make a commission. He will really advise you on what you can and cannot afford, and then follow what ever decision you choose to make. He will spend the time to explain all the details and meet your requests."

"Hi Michael. The mortgage broker I told you about (Scott) managed, despite the odds, to get me an 85% mortgage. I am very pleased. Over the years I have found him to be tenacious and ingenious in getting what he needs to get for his clients. He is also a pleasure to deal with and makes his clients feel like they can really count on him. I recommend him highly."
H. C.

"My husband and I started the talk about moving more than a year ago and I spoke to Sousan several times before moving forward. Sousan patiently provided information on various aspects of mortgages and answered my questions clearly and realistically. Sousan was astute in understanding the emotional fluxes of a family who is going through change and created a sense of contentment by providing reliable and comprehensive service backed by a strong professional team at Alpha Mortgages. She coached us and stood right by our side to the closing day and beyond and ensured every single step of the process was completed promptly and accurately. I recommend Sousan because she works with high ethics and great understanding and compassion towards her clients."

"I just want to let you know how much I appreciate all the help you and Joyce have provided over the last few months. We are all moved in and getting settled. As you know things didn't look too rosey for us. We had many road blocks and hurdles along the way.
You remained optimistic and positive the whole time. You gave me hope when everyone else gave up on me. I know I tried with many others.
I was working with another broker and he charged me $6000 in fees. He only worked with me for 2 weeks and did not accomplish anything.
Things are looking up. We have a fresh outlook and a new start. You had no small part in that and I want you to know how very grateful I am.

"Gavin Lebowitz delivered the result we were looking for and was extremely conscientious and hard-working in all aspects of the process."
Jonathan S., Thornhill

"As a mortgage broker, Merv Gabriel is always very knowledgeable and professional inside and out. Merv is always on top of what needs to be put together in order to secure a mortgage on time according to your schedule. I found when nobody else was able to secure the kind of mortgage I wanted, Merv always could. As a small real estate investor, I depend heavily on Merv and am extremely satisfied with the results."

"I still pinch myself in denial that this is actually our (first) home. We have you to thank. I know there were a lot of ups and downs with this particular purchase and several issues came to light, but you worked so diligently to make this work. I appreciate your constant patience and willingness to answer my many questions along the way. I have learned so much going through this entire process and I can't begin to describe how grateful I am . We are forever grateful."
L. and R.

"Keith and Scott are wonderful mortgage brokers. I live in Windsor and getting the paperwork to them and having to deal with the over the phone was extremely easy. They got us a excellent rate and we are very pleased with all their hardwork. If you are looking for someone to help with your mortgage these are your guys!"

"We want you to know how much we appreciate your involvement in us getting a home for our family. From the first time we spoke, I knew things had taken a turn for the better. We have wanted this for a long time. Our children are so excited to play in their backyard. We now have peace of mind. Thank you for being amazing."
KT and DT

"Well, Merv - it was a long and bumpy journey to downtown Toronto. The condo is finally ours, the dust has settled on planning and signing documents, and now we can turn the page to renovations. A great big thank you to you for all your help and all your patience. I learned so much through this process and your ability to walk me through options along the way has been very much appreciated. You've been a pleasure to work with."

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