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Martin Charney
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Martin Charney

Mortgage Agent | M18000446

Building relationships one mortgage at a time

Market(s) Served: Ontario, National ,

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#302-325 Renfrew Drive
Markham, ON
L3R 9S8

Ph: (416) 524-5518
Cell: (416) 524-5518
Fax: (416) 675-3069

Martin Charney, with a B Comm from Sir George Williams University (Concordia), has been immersed in family businesses on two continents for many years. In South Africa, he was a mortgage and residential real estate agent. He employed 40 agents for 25 years, developed industrial properties and converted apartments into condominiums.

In Toronto since 1999, Martin remains passionately involved in providing his clients with various specific forms of business and personal financing.

Acting as a Finance Resource Consultant, Martin has provided factoring of accounts receivable, purchase order funding, merchant cash advances, small business loans, personal unsecured debt and has developed a reputation for One Stop shopping.

One of his passions remains the rent to own space and has now expanded horizontally into mortgages – the king and queen of financing. Having joined Alpha House as a mortgage agent, Martin continues to adhere to the industry’s strictest standards of protecting his 35 active lenders and his clients.

Martin loves being of service to people and relies mainly on word of mouth referrals. Martin lives by one of his favourite sayings:
“Kindness is one of the hardest things to give away. It is always returned”

Martin educated us about the advantages and disadvantages of the CHIP or Reverse Mortgage which suited our personal needs to a tee. When we needed financing, without the abililty to show significant income, we were approved for conventional financing.
SW and MW of Thornhill

Martin gave us sincere advice, advising us not to proceed to buy right now. He followed up with his credit counselling tips and we refer friends to him.
KB and AB of Markham

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